The primary objectives of GGKLI are:
  • Help younger generations develop intellectual knowledge about strengths and virtues (“daivy sampatti”), positive emotions (“bhav samvedana”),and positive character traits (“charitra nirman”)
  • Provide progressive increments to our children in the realization of their potential as human beings, by identifying, understanding and integrating strengths into their daily lives
  • Promote shramdan, where students will donate time for social causes and practice a “simple living and high thinking” Motto with a disciplined lifestyle using clear and strong values.
Furthermore, when imparting knowledge and education to our children, GGKLI will:
  • Promote Indian culture
  • Encourage pride in our heritage
  • Help children learn and appreciate and improve Indian language skills
  • Foster improved understanding of others and of different view points
  • Provide balanced perspectives of our Mother Country and Adopted Country
  • Encourage and maintain open and effective communication, especially within the school and within the Indian community at large.